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Swathi Group of Institutions includes four pioneer institutes providing nursing education in South Indian region offering education to enhance the student’s knowledge, attitude and skills to provide effective and efficient nursing care. The primary objective of our institution is to provide and promote education and research in the field of nursing. Swathi Group of Institutions was established in the year 1988, initially with General Nursing and MPHW Program with intake of 50 seats to train young students as devoted proficient nurses, capable of contributing effectively towards the growing health demands of the health sector.

With more competition among students to get admission into our institute and produce more nurses we started Sri Krishna School of Nursing in 2005. Later during the year 2005-2006 Sri Chaitanya College of Nursing offering B.Sc Nursing Program, was established. All colleges under Swathi Group of Institutions are affiliated with Dr NTR University of Health Sciences, Vijayawada and are approved by Govt. of Andhra Pradesh and Indian Nursing Council. Our Institutions are clinically attached to 750 bedded Government Medical College Hospital, Tirupati.

It will enhance the skills of students that will further help in their overall professional development. We organize campus interviews & arranging posting in various reputed Hospitals and colleges throughout India. Most of our old students got placement in foreign countries like Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and Ireland etc.


Swathi Group of Institutions makes progres towards exceptional instructive results exemplified by graduates identity perceived for greatness, initiative, and sympathetic care.


To provide highest quality of paramedical education and training underpinned by strong relationship between clinical practice and academia through academic excellence, optimal governance, effective institutional and financial management.


The educators of this College of Nursing believe that candidates undergoing B.Sc Nursing Program in this institution should be individually developed into mature, sincere, responsible person capable of giving efficient and comprehensive nursing care in hospital, community and family. They must be capable of serving the sick, with a compassionate tender love, and maintain highest standards of nursing education and quality patient care.


S Sivaramaraju


Chairman's Message

Swathi College of nursing was started with a motive to provide quality service to the society. Our aim is to provide world- class health science education to benefit all the sectors of the society. Our institution aims to grow a system of nursing education that fits with ever-changing educational patterns of the world to meet the needs of the society and to fit into a wide range of opportunities in Nursing Service. We are committed to develop this institution in the field of nursing education that benefits to all categories of students which aims to provide knowledge and skill among students along with research temperament. I have great pleasure in extending a warm welcome to the prospective students.

Secretary's Message

As an educator my earnest aspiration is to educate the hearts of children and not merely the minds. A great mind may create wonders, but a wonderful heart has power to embrace and relish these wonders with passion even when some of them have lost their luster. My message to all students when you march towards success is “self trust”. This is the key secret pursues your vision with endurance, and we will be your beacon to guide you on your path. Marching with efforts and courage are not enough, when you don’t have purpose and direction. Set your goals; be ready to overlook your comfort zone. Shrug off the blanket of darkness and come to the light. It is my pleasure to tell you that we have a vision to produce better professionals and good citizen.

S Sujatha


S Sushiv

Managing Director

Director's Message

“The trained nurse has become one of the greatest blessings of humanity, taking a place beside the physician and the priest and not inferior to either in her missio. - William Osler . The Profession of Nursing plays a significant role in raising the general health standards in the country with improved life expectancy and better quality of life. Our college has aimed to secure a bright future for our students by making them to rise to the rightful place by preparing our student nurses to be humane in dealing with patience. Opportunity before us is vast and task is burdensome. Aspiring brilliant students are invited on board beyond which awaits the gateway to highly competitive, exciting and rewarding careers. Being astute in personal growth and aptness in professional development will make each nurse a complete individual whose contribution towards the society will be indisputable.”